Busy Times

13 Apr

It’s busy in the Tartan Twist studio just now. We’re putting together our new collections which will be ready soon. The process works like this. The team collectively pools its ideas and inspirations . Then Gillian and the design studio team in Stirling work up sketches and mood boards. Our inspirations for the new collections come from: Robert Burns; butterflies and flowers; and the idea of guardian angels.

Once we have a finished idea of the pieces we start looking at materials, often trying several different stones or colours before we hit on the correct one. The studio then starts putting together prototypes. Focus-group testing comes next and we make adjustments depending on the comments we get back from the focus groups. Once the final prototypes have been approved, the new collections are costed and we start putting together the supply chain.

Lyndsey and the head office team get working wth the photographer to create the right images of the new pieces. Then the Edinbrgh team starts laying out a new Look Book incorpoating the new pieces. The Look Book goes to print and the publicity team starts working on publicising the new pieces. The new collections go onto the website. Before that, we send advanced copies of the Look Book to our exisiting customers to give them the first chance to see and order the new collections. Then the studio goes into overdrive fulfiling orders for the new pieces. We’ll let you know when their available to view.

Love Gillian x


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