Welcome to the Enchanted World of Tartan Twist

1 Jun

For something magical, choose from our Enchanted Collection of sterling silver children’s pendants, each of which opens to reveal a tiny secret. Our Enchanted Collection of sterling silver children’s necklaces will transport you into an Alice-in-Wonderland world where tiny squirrels hide in little silver acorns, pixies dwell in sterling silver strawberries and silver mice live in sterling silver fairytale castles.

Nothing is quite as it seems in our Enchanted Collection and every secret discovered will thrill and delight. It’s as if a wonderful fairy godmother has waved a magic wand and brought our Enchanted Collection of sterling silver children’s pendants to life. Collect them all on different ribbons. When she’s bigger, pop them on a charm bracelet. Ideal for every little Princess. All of our Teeny Tartan Twist Children’s Necklaces are available on a choice of tartan or satin ribbons and come beautifully presented in sugar pink, ribbon-trimmed boxes, making them perfect for birthdays, christenings, bridesmaids, baby naming ceremonies, friendship tokens, first day at school, or just to let them know you love them every day. Please take care with our children’s Jewellery. It should not be worn by children under 36 months as small parts may represent a choking hazard. Our Children’s Bracelets, in particular, are designed to “give” if caught or pulled excessively. Our Children’s Jewellery is not a toy, and should not be given to babies and very young children to play with. Jewellery should not be worn for prolonged periods of time, and never overnight.

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