Move over Gok Wan, Tartan Twist will aid you in all your spring/summer styling needs.

4 May

Whilst browsing the depths of cyberspace earlier this week, Tartan Twist stumbled upon a fantastic new site: “”. Young at heart, we set about virtually dressing ourselves, nostalgically reminiscing of years gone by where you would wrestle with fiddly Sindy shoes and Barbie blouses.

Well Barbie fans listen up- this site is totally new and hassle free – no more frustrated musings of jeans that don’t fit right, even AFTER you have struggled to pull them over Barbies abnormally large hips and pencil like waist (jealous? We are….a little!).

Another idea was instantly suggested, could we use Polyvore to suggest how people could wear our own jewellery pieces?? What a fantastic idea- of course we could!

And so it was, (like all fabulous ideas we set upon at Tartan Twist) that we decided to transform this idea and make it a reality- to become your new fashion stylist-aiding you in months to come on season trends and how you can incorporate our stunning pieces into your own garden soiree outfit or casual sunday slacks.

To embark on our new stylista voyage we would like to introduce you to a spring/summer look. with soft pastels and classic lines this outfit screams effortless elegance and sophistication.

We think teamed with our Wedding belles collection, this ensemble would be perfect for after dinner drinks or that special midweek dinner. Displayed above is our Ivory necklace, although our champagne necklace could work beautifully for a softer more subtle look. The entire collection can be found at

For those of you who want to give it a go yourselves, our products can now be found at, so why not give it a go yourself and see what fabulous fun you can have creating your own looks!


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